Unwell 18th update!

Unwell Demo received its 18th update on Steam!

Breakdown of the key changes in the updated version:


  • The “not so friendly” well dweller in level 2 GOT A FULL rework! That includes our own model, enhanced logic, and more animations! All of these should give a better picture of what the lore of the monster is.
  • Most of the item icons got a full rework to match the feel of the game!


  • Resolved a major bug of the protagonist falling in a loop while landing.
  • Made some tweaks to the hitboxes of weapons.
  • More performance tweaks, to make the game less resource-consuming!
  • Resolved some minor bugs.

What’s next?

We managed to implement FMOD into the Unwell project!

Our Otolaryngologists are working hard to change all of the sounds in the game, and soon you will be able to experience way higher quality of the sounds in the well.

Soon there will also be another adversary to encounter in the well… one that is very keen on hugging <3

Level 3 of Unwell is almost done, and if you would like to have a sneak peek… reach me at our Discord channel to get a key to the development version of Unwell! 🙂

Thank you for standing against The Gray at our side.
The Head Protege

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