The Doctor

An entity that appeared in response to the spreading plague of The Gray. He doesn’t talk much and is constantly on the go. He send us letters on a daily basis, that contain tips, diagrams and more to support The Clinic.

Peter a.k.a The Head Protege

Experienced manager proficient in devising and executing strategies tailored for game development in the Unity engine. Committed to advancing the organization’s mission through precise goal-setting, strategic planning, and effective implementation. Demonstrates consistency in action and draws valuable insights from attained results. Accomplishes success across all facets of the game development process, leveraging synergies developed through collaborative efforts grounded in mutual respect, sincerity, and openness.

Alexandra a.k.a. The Supreme Quaestor

Manager with over 12 years of experience in financial management and accounting of both internal and external entities, as well as in acquiring financing, including from European Union sources. Working in the management boards of limited liability companies. MBA completed at an American university.

Magdalene a.k.a. The Ophthalmologist

A creative person with an optimistic attitude, ready to achieve challenging goals. At work, she uses various means of expression and styles, using knowledge of not only digital graphics, but also artistic techniques. Focused on development and searching for new ways of expression. Currently developing skills in the field of 3D graphics. In free time, she listens to podcasts, swims and plays computer and board games – often focusing on their graphics and mechanics.

Ignacy a.k.a The Otorhinolaryngologist

Recently graduated Music Producer. Privately multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound designer, beat maker. Experienced in composing ambients (such as you can hear in Unwell) and sound engineering. Just a guy with headphones and big dreams. Still looking for his way as an artist, but it seems like he found it! Enjoys sailing, skiing, concerts, music festivals and video games (of course).

Szymon a.k.a. The Otorhinolaryngologist

Freshly baked music producer and sound designer. He has been playing bass guitar for over a decade, and currently, he is learning to play the piano and has no intention of stopping there. He feels comfortable creating SFX, but he is not afraid of other tasks either. In his spare time, he is interested in American football, basketball, listening to music, and playing computer games.

Lukasz a.k.a. The Orthopaedist

Łukasz is passionate about creating in various forms – drawings, animations, writing, and photography – but he has specialized in 3D modeling and continues to develop this specialization, eagerly taking on challenges. At Anaestethic, he ensures that the space surrounding you, the objects you use, as well as the characters in games carry the spirit of the Clinic and effectively fulfill its mission.

In his free time, he divides his time between fantasy books, tabletop RPGs, raising 4 parrots, and various computer games.

Beata a.k.a the Neurologist

She murders, plunders villages and burns virgins. Or the other way around? With the persistence of a maniac, Beata has been writing books of various genres for over 10 years. She already has 9 of them published. In her free time, she manages a team of testers in a medical project and translates creativity into every possible form. She loves tormenting her characters and bringing her readers to the brink of mental breakdown. Basically, she doesn’t like people, but when she smells wine, she comes out of her cave. Sometimes she even smiles while doing it.

Honourable mentionsMedical Counselors

Pavel a.k.a. The Senior Otorhinolaryngologist

A composer, sound designer, arranger, conductor, and music producer with over fifteen years of artistic experience. He has co-created projects in numerous institutions in Poland and abroad. Owner of a studio specializing in sound production, music, and dubbing for video games. He has collaborated and continues to collaborate with companies such as Square Enix, NCSOFT, Forever Entertainment, Blue Sunset Games, Storm Trident, Console Labs, TA Publishing, The Knights of Unity, Acram Digital, and Magic VR. Academic lecturer. Enjoys snowboarding and challenging himself with mountain biking. Member of a fencing club that reconstructs the old Polish art of saber fighting. Loves Japanese automotive culture and good beer. He is a happy husband and father.

Kelly a.k.a. The Senior Neurologist

Kelly is a Canadian who has lived and worked in Asia for the past 12 years as a creative writer, game writer, and narrative designer.

He has been a professional writer for over 15 years, having created, written, and published over thirty comic book stories digitally, online, and in print. He transitioned into the video game industry and has been a game writer and narrative designer for almost six years, and has worked on AAA, AA, and mobile games during that time.

He has worked with seven different gaming studios around the world, on such brands as Assassin’s Creed, The Walking Dead, Disney, Adventure Time, Sonic, Spongebob Squarepants, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Clash of Kings, Oddbods, Civitas, and many more.