Unwell 20th update!

Unwell Demo received its 20th update on Steam!

Breakdown of the key changes in the updated version:


  • Your lantern now warns you when it gets hungry. Its light also depends on the amount of oil left in it.
  • The environment is now a little brighter.
  • Some minor model and texture changes.


  • Made changes to bridge models to prevent walking outside the rails.
  • The statue in level 2 is more exposed and provides better hints on what to do.
  • Numerous out-of-bounds fixes.
  • Monsters in level 2 had their logic fixed to reduce getting stuck in various places.
  • Optimization changes implemented.
  • Protagonist movement received enhancements, reducing instances of getting stuck.
  • Field of view received a significant update.

What’s next?

  • We are currently rewriting controls regarding player movement to make it easier to operate the protagonist while descending into the well.
  • Implementation of the final riddles in level 3, soon to be available in the demo!
  • FMOD engine has been implemented into the project, and now all sounds are being reworked in the new environment, soon to be heard in the demo.
  • Further optimizations!

Thank you for standing against The Gray at our side.
The Head Protege

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