Anaesthetic Studio Anniversary!

Anaesthetic studio is celebrating its first formal anniversary! We’ve come a long way and achieved many successes, as well as learned a lot in this past year. Thanks to our previous experiences and the support of our partners, the Anaesthetic Team is growing stronger and gaining momentum in creating its debut – an isometric survival horror called Unwell.

Therefore, together with Korbank and Cybermachina, we are organizing an event for you where we will share stories of our adventures in game development, our successes, lessons learned, and of course, the results of our work. Come, test Unwell, and influence its further development! We take every constructive feedback seriously, and implement most suggestions into our work.

We invite all fans of computer games, game development, and horror:

Cybermachina Wrocław April 25, 2024, 16:00 Szczytnicka 52, 50-382 Wrocław

Thank you for standing against The Gray with us.

Head Protege’

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