New Partner and Unwell 17th update!

We’ve got some great news!

We have great news! We have acquired a key technological Partner, thanks to whom our work will gain much greater momentum! πŸ™‚ Among our beloved partners, we welcome KORBANK S.A.

KORBANK S.A. supports us with extensive technological knowledge and provides us access to their professional Data Center infrastructure, along with many tools, ensuring the safety and security of our data and workflow.

Unwell Demo received its 17th update on Steam πŸ™‚

Breakdown of the key changes in the updated version:


  • jumping got additional touch to prevent hiccups.
  • more performance tweaks, to make the game less resources consuming!
  • resolved some minor bugs.

Whats next? More performance work, changing the items icons, and adding more content πŸ™‚

Level3 got its own pathfinding implemented, next steps are to finish the riddles in the level, add not so friendly NPC’s, and a surprise confrontation at the end. We are getting there πŸ™‚

Thank you for standing against The Gray at our side.
The Head Protege

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