Unwell #7 & #8 update !

HOTFIX – resolved an issue with enemies hitboxes being enabled after their death.

Unwell received its 8th update on Steam πŸ™‚

Breakdown of the key changes in the updated version:


– LEVEL2 got expanded, twonew localizations and a riddle to solve!
– more interactables in Pride level!
– Hit sounds got a nice overhaul!
– More tutorial prompts to help you out in Courage level!
– additional interaction in Courage level for tutorial purposes!
– You can dodge now!Β By double pressing A, S, or D you will dodge in chosen direction. It is imperative that you learn to use this for the sake of surviving the third level, which is coming soon! πŸ™‚


– interact mechanics got an update to help you out with interacting with the environment
– couple of materials got an upgrade
– solved bunch of minor bugs
– Some textures and materials received a slight upgrade.
– Main character controller got a couple of optimisations.

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