Unwell #6 update!

Unwell received its sixth update on Steam πŸ™‚

Breakdown of the key changes in the updated version:


There are more ways to reflect the level of your sanity, so you better keep it up πŸ™‚


Some textures and materials received a slight upgrade.

The third level is in development and will soon be available for you to descend into. It is ~15 times bigger than level 2, and for now, it contains 9 additional locations with puzzles to solve. This might be tricky, as more inhabitants of the well will get annoyed by your presence.

This level will reflect the idea of how complicated levels should Unwell contain, which means that the second level that you already know will get its content upgrade soon too!

Where are we in development of level3? The main structure of the level is done and 90% of its details are there to. It is time to sit back to the code and develop mysteries for you to unravel πŸ™‚

Here are some development screenshots for you to check out!

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