Unwell updates 3, 4 & 5 ;)

Breakdown of the key changes in the updated version:


  • added particles while sprinting on wood, steel and wet surfaces. So you know what a fuss you’re making. Some entities do not like that.
  • added feedback to the player about current health status with additional heart beat sound and increasing the volume of a heartbeat.
  • added fall to death animation.
  • added an animation for sitting on the ground and standing up after game load. So you will know that protagonist missed you.
  • changed the description of human remains in second level to remark the iron bar.
  • added sound for landing in safe spot.
  • added protagonist comment about safe landing.
  • added missing footsteps sounds, and missing particles systems for landing and hard landing.
  • added a mechanic to remember which notes have been readed in inventory and saving it in game save.
  • MASSIVE update to level2!!! More content, and lore objects to interact with.
  • collapse animations in level 2 got a nice overhhaul
  • NEW MECHANIC! Take care of your psyche and keep it up in good condition, since from now on you can be easily deceived. At first you wont notice what is happening, but further you go, you might loose your mind!


  • lowered the limit of water particles of the waterfalls for saving resources.
  • changed the logic of enemies in Pride level to actualy turn to the player while chasing.
  • resolved bug where player was supposed to be seen by mob1, but was not.
  • resolved inconsequence of falldamage animation.
  • resolved an issue with stones were wrong stone was picked up on click. That made a feel that they are doubling.
  • pickup script has been simplified for optimalization purposes.
  • resolved issue with screen fade in and out not playing correctly when loading and saving the game.
  • removed damage feedback from landing on a safe spot;
  • made further adjustments to the animation controller of the protagonist. More to come.
  • added a simple body freeze for not letting protagonist slide when hard landed on a steep surface.
  • made eye symbols more visible.
  • hopefully resolved issue with missing items in inventory on game load.
  • resolved an issue with monsters getting stuck in level2 while patrolling.
  • adjusted monsters logic to react appropriate when player gets spotted.
  • resolved most of the lightning issues.
  • resolved an issue with player silluette not showing on other settings than ultra.

Thank you for standing against The Gray at our side. The Main Protege”

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