Unwell #2 Steam Update!

Unwell received its second update on Steam πŸ™‚

Breakdown of the key changes in the updated version:


– Added waterfalls to the game.
– Added plenty of details to the levels with additional interactable content.
– Added light to the end of level 1 broken bridge for better navigation.
– Added a mechanic to drain health if the player stays in the dark for too long.
– Added a safe landing spot mechanic for the intended road to progress.
– Added a method to update health in the inventory, along with protagonist commentary!


– Resolved some description overlap at the beginning of level 1.
– Reworked one of the collapsing platforms for a better feel πŸ™‚
– Adjusted the fall damage logic to match the animation.
– Moved grounded and fall logic to fixed update to make them independent of frames.
– Added a speed limit to prevent the player from sliding down stairs too quickly.
– Removed an additional grounding check that became redundant due to previous adjustments.
– Increased the volume of protagonist landing sounds.
– Added colliders to prevent the protagonist from walking beyond the bounds of the level.
– Resolved an issue with inventory item descriptions doubling after exiting the inventory.
– Adjusted player character variables responsible for physics and movement for a more realistic feel. No more Sonic speed!
– Resolved an issue with death animations being played incorrectly and at a low framerate.
– Added a ledge near the safe spot on level 2 to prevent annoying deaths due to an inability to see a hole.
– Added additional colliders to some bridges to help you navigate the area. Invisible little helpers are there <3
– Added blocking colliders to prevent speedrunning. Sorry, speedrunners, maybe next time… πŸ˜‰
– Made the enemies more perceptive and responsive. You have been warned.

Thank you for standing against The Gray at our side.

The Main Protege

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