Unwell Devlog: Serendipitous Partnerships and Soundscapes

Welcome back to the Anaesthetic Game Studio devlog, where we continue to unravel the journey of creating our debut game, “Unwell.” In our ongoing quest to bring this unique vision to life, we’ve encountered various serendipitous moments and formed remarkable collaborations. In this installment, we dive into the strategic aspects of game development, team management, and the remarkable squad of anesthesiologist assistants that transformed the soundscapes of our game.

1. Planning as a Strategic Part of Game Development:

At Anaesthetic Game Studio, we firmly believe that meticulous planning is the cornerstone of any successful game development project. To manage our goals effectively, we utilize Redmine, a versatile software tool that seamlessly combines elements of agile project management with the discipline of fixed goal management. This approach allows us to adapt to the ever-evolving game development landscape while staying committed to our vision for “Unwell.”

2. Managing the Team:

A key factor in our journey is the establishment of clear team management principles. We’ve laid down three fundamental rules:

  1. We Communicate Honestly, Openly, and Respectfully: Effective communication is the lifeblood of our team. We encourage open discussions, constructive criticism, and an atmosphere of respect to foster creativity and collaboration.
  2. We Only Undertake Progressive Actions: Our team is driven by a commitment to progress. We understand that success is achieved through continuous improvement and pushing the boundaries of our abilities.
  3. We Take Responsibility for Our Actions: In our cooperative environment, each team member understands the importance of owning up to their decisions and taking responsibility for their contributions to the project.

3. Anesthesiologist Assistants: Transforming Sound FX and OST:

A pivotal point in the development of “Unwell” was the formation of a special squad of anesthesiologist assistants who took on the task of creating all-new sound effects (SFX) and the game’s original soundtrack (OST). This team’s involvement had a transformative impact on the auditory experience of our game.

The anesthesiologist assistants, with their profound knowledge of sound and an intimate understanding of the game’s theme, achieved a spectacular effect. Their expertise breathed new life into the soundscapes of “Unwell,” adding depth, immersion, and emotional resonance that is crucial to our narrative.

4. Management is About Cooperation and a Common Goal:

The journey of creating “Unwell” has taught us that effective management is not about authoritarian leadership. It’s about cooperation, shared vision, and a collective commitment to our mission. Our team members, including our newfound collaborators and the anesthesiologist assistants, share a common goal – to wake humanity’s potential by immersing players in the surreal world of “Unwell.”

In conclusion, the development of “Unwell” has been a journey filled with unexpected encounters and serendipitous partnerships. From fortuitous social media interactions to the creative transformation of our soundscapes, these stories are a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of clear team management principles in achieving our vision. Stay tuned for more captivating tales from our journey as we continue to breathe life into “Unwell,” one element at a time.

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