Anaesthetic Team building: Meeting Pavel.

Continuing on our journey through the remarkable development of Anaesthetic Game Studio and our debut game “Unwell,” we come across another serendipitous encounter that played a pivotal role in shaping our studio’s success.

The founder’s journey to assemble a talented team to bring “Unwell” to life was characterized by a series of fortuitous events, one of which involved the creation of a Discord server. Little did the founder know that this seemingly small act would set the stage for a truly remarkable partnership.

The Discord Leap:

With “Unwell” taking shape, the founder decided it was time to broaden the studio’s horizons and begin to create a community where gamers and enthusiasts could come together to discuss the game’s development, share ideas, and provide feedback. This led to the establishment of our very own Anaesthetic Game Studio Discord server.

In a bid to kickstart the server’s growth, the founder decided to send invites to all contacts using Discord. It was a straightforward move, just an attempt to gather a few more like-minded individuals to join the budding community. Little did the founder know that this seemingly insignificant act would become a turning point in the studio’s journey.

Enter Pavel – The Mystery Man:

Among the countless invites sent, one reached a certain Pavel. However, there was a catch – Pavel’s Discord handle was entirely different from the one saved in the founder’s contacts. Initially, the founder couldn’t place who this person was or how they might have crossed paths in the real world.

The Tale of Chance:

As the founder scratched their head in puzzlement, the story behind this chance encounter began to unravel. The founder had never met Pavel before, at least not directly. Pavel’s number had been passed along by a neighbor who was aware of the founder’s ambitions and dreams of building Anaesthetic Game Studio years ago.

This was a true tale of serendipity. Fate had intervened in the form of Discord and a chance encounter, bringing together two individuals who had never met before but who would ultimately form a dynamic partnership.

Pavel’s Enigmatic Background:

What made this chance encounter even more intriguing was Pavel’s impressive background in the gaming industry. With experience gained from renowned companies like Square Enix, NCSOFT, Forever Entertainment, Blue Sunset Games, Storm Trident, Console Labs, TA Publishing, The Knights of Unity, Acram Digital, and Magic VR, Pavel was a veritable veteran of the industry.

In a twist of fate, Pavel would become Anaesthetic Game Studio’s first Otorhinolaryngologist. His role extended far beyond the title, as he brought his extensive skills and expertise to the table, primarily focusing on organizing the soundtracj and sound effects for our inaugural game, “Unwell.”

A Stroke of Luck and Jolly Cooperation:

The union between the founder and Pavel was a remarkable instance of luck and cooperation. Two individuals who had no prior connection, brought together by a random Discord invite, would go on to play vital roles in the creation of “Unwell.”

Pavel’s experience and knowledge would elevate the game’s audio and sound design to new heights, immersing players in the hauntingly beautiful world of “Unwell.” This partnership would become the bedrock upon which Anaesthetic Game Studio’s success would be built.

As we continue to share our journey with you, it’s clear that Anaesthetic Game Studio’s path to creating “Unwell” was marked by chance encounters, unexpected collaborations, and a shared passion for gaming. Stay tuned for more captivating stories of our team’s development and the creation of our debut game. Together, we’re bringing “Unwell” to life, one serendipitous step at a time.

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