Anaesthetic Serendipitous Encounter: Meeting Kelly.

Welcome back to the captivating journey of Anaesthetic Game Studio, where every member brings their unique talents and passion to create immersive gaming experiences. In our last post, we introduced you to Magdalene, our talented graphic artist who has been instrumental in shaping the studio’s visual identity. Now, let’s venture further into our story and bring to light another encounter, that changed the founder’s view about game narrative.

A Serendipitous Encounter:

As Anaesthetic Game Studio continued to evolve, a critical piece of the puzzle was still missing. The founder, although passionate about gaming and storytelling, had not initially realized the importance of game narrative knowledge. It was during these early stages of development that fate intervened in the form of Kelly.

It all began with a Facebook post by the founder, sharing some insights into Anaesthetic Game Studio’s vision and mission. Among the many comments on that post was an articulate and insightful one from Kelly, an experienced video game narrative designer. This brief interaction in the comment section sparked a short private message exchange and Kelly agreeing to volunteer to mentor the founder and the game story during a short time between contracted work. 

Perfect Timing:

During this short correspondence, it became abundantly clear that Kelly’s skills, knowledge, and experience were precisely what Anaesthetic Game Studio needed to elevate the narrative of their debut game – “Unwell.”

What struck the founder was not only Kelly’s professional experience, but also the depth of his insights and his willingness to volunteer some of his free time to mentor the Founder, and this act of kindness opened the Founder’s eyes to the importance and depth of storytelling in video games. As a result Kelly was awarded the title of Clinic’s Neurologist for his volunteer mentoring of the game’s story.

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