Anaesthetic Clinic: The Genesis of a Game Development Studio

Welcome to the exciting world of game development, where creativity meets technology, and dreams are turned into immersive experiences. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the first steps of Anaesthetic Clinic, a game development studio like no other. Anaesthetic Clinic’s journey began with a mysterious character known as The Doctor, who would later become an integral part of their narrative-driven games. Join us as we explore the inception of this unique game development studio.

The First Communion

with The Doctor: Anaesthetic Clinic’s story began with a unique and enigmatic character called The Doctor. This character, a being donning the attire of a plague doctor, emerged as a silent helper standing against the grayness in the world. The first step towards bringing Anaesthetic Clinic’s vision to life involved introducing The Doctor to the world through video recordings.

These initial videos served as a window into the intriguing world Anaesthetic aimed to create. They showcased The Doctor’s presence, setting the tone for the studio’s upcoming games. The enigmatic nature of The Doctor captured the imagination of viewers, generating excitement and curiosity about what Anaesthetic Clinic was all about.

Massive Tactical Planning:

With The Doctor introduced, Anaesthetic Clinic set its sights on crafting a mission and vision that would define its journey in the world of game development. The team embarked on a meticulous process of strategic planning, mapping out both core and tactical goals. These goals were designed to steer the studio toward its vision of creating immersive, narrative-driven games.

During this crucial phase, Anaesthetic Clinic also delved into the technical aspects of game development. Unity, a powerful game development engine, was chosen as the primary software platform. Extensive investigation and research were conducted to estimate the time required to program the studio’s first game.

Simultaneously, Anaesthetic Clinic laid the foundation for its online presence. Core website development and the creation of social media accounts were essential steps to connect with the gaming community and build anticipation for their future releases. This planning and investigation phase spanned nearly two years, a testament to the studio’s dedication to laying a solid foundation for its journey.

From One-Man Army to a Team:

While the first steps of Anaesthetic Clinic’s journey were marked by solitary exploration and planning, the story takes an exciting turn in the next post. The journey from a one-man army to a dynamic team of seven talented individuals is a testament to the studio’s growth and the collaborative spirit that drives their creative process. Stay tuned for the next installment to learn how Anaesthetic Clinic’s team came together and began crafting their innovative gaming experiences.


The birth of Anaesthetic Clinic as a game development studio was a journey filled with mystery, meticulous planning, and the emergence of a unique character, The Doctor. This studio’s commitment to its vision and dedication to storytelling through video games is evident in its careful planning and strategic approach. As we continue to explore Anaesthetic Clinic’s journey, we’ll uncover the collaborative efforts that shaped their promising future in the world of game development.

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