Unwell #1 Steam Update!

From now on we will bring you one update per week of our development process! 🙂

Breakdown of the key changes in updated version:


– added tutorial note from a stranger to the protagonist journal, to explain the basics of inventory usage.

– added a prompt to use crowbar in certain situation.

– implemented a feature to detect imminent protagonist death. If the inventory screen is active at that critical moment, it now automatically gets disabled, so at least you will know what killed you.

– added a check for enemy detection. If an enemy spots the player while the inventory is open, the inventory screen will now be promptly disabled. Run.


– adjusted the colliders at the exit point to Level 1 well, making it easier for you to jump into.

– made additional configurations to the animator, refining character animations for a more polished and responsive gaming experience.

– resolved the issue of staying in a loop fall, ensuring that the game progression remains smooth and free from unintended glitches. So if noone memed it, it’s too late.

– fall damage no longer postpones in midair, providing a more realistic and responsive outcome to your character’s descent.

– optimized default landing mechanics, eliminating any midair postponements. Protagonist landing now aligns better with the laws of physics.

Thank you for standing against The Gray at our side.

The Main Protege

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